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Finding a Job

Here are five of the best ways to search for a job (for the most success, do as many of them as you can).

Register at your nearest labour centre: Fill out a work-seeker registration form at your nearest labour centre. Keep in contact with the centre, and let them know if any of your contact details change. Keep your CV up-to-date in case you get a call for an interview.

Search for Jobs Online: Get a list of websites you can use to search for a job.

Look in the Newspaper: Search for jobs in the classifieds section of your local newspaper. You can visit IOL Jobs for a list of all the jobs listed in the Independent Newspapers.

Register with a Recruitment Agency: Look in the Yellow Pages or ask people you know if they know of a good agency.

Networking: You'd be surprised how just knowing someone can help you get a job. Get information on networking to find a job.