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Katlehong Community Knowledge Centre
Katlehong MyCKC


Following on our partnership with Cisco Systems, One Global Economy provides localised online platforms for Community Knowledge Centres globally called My Community Knowledge Centre (MyCKC) globally. The MyCKC sites are natural evolutions of the training and work we do with socially driven technology and ICT centres. We enable ICT centres with soft skills and managerial knowledge helping them become sustainable and hubs of activity and learning in their communities. 
The My Community Knowledge Centre (MyCKC) sites are hubs of activity for otherwise unconnected communities. It is a place for Community Knowledge Centres to announce events online, for citizen journalists to post articles about their community, and for users to find local content with links to relevant global best practices on The Beehive.
  1. Publish localised information and best practices about daily issues in the community.
  2. Become the most valued online platform of information for the community members.
  3. Through the MyCKC, promote partnerships and information on relevant stakeholders in the community and leverage these relationships for the benefit of the community.
  4. Publish and give access to local issues for the online world wide community - which can help and support local initiatives in South Africa.
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