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Art - Foundation Phase

There are many sites on the internet that list ideas and resources for creating art projects. Whether its for a school project or just for the fun of it, creating drawings, sculptures, paintings and other art projects is a great way to spend your time. Ask your parents or caregiver to help you collect things like old boxes (from cereal, pasta and other packaging), toilet roll inners, used paper and wrapping paper and other things you can recycle to create works of art. Keep your supplies in a cupboard, along with boxes of crayons, kokis, coloured pencils, glue and so on, and you'll always have something to do on a rainy (or sunny) afternoon.

Explore the tools that artists use - like line, colour and balance - to build works of art on the interactive Artist's Toolkit website designed especially for kids.

Use The Rudiments of Wisdom Encyclopedia's Art section to find out all about art and architecture.

Create or study art or play art games on the Lifetime of Colour website.

Find lots of art and craft activities, with free printables on DLTK's Crafts for Kids website.

Explore the great lists of art and craft activities for kids on the Artists Helping Children website.

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