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Step One: The Governing Body

A governing body may be called by many names, such as Board of Trustees, Executive Committee or a number of others, but their role is essentially the same. They are there to make sure that the organisation serves its beneficiaries and stakeholders as efficiently and effectively as possible. The beneficiaries could be described as your target market, the people you want to reach out to. The stakeholders may include representatives of that target market, as well as donors, funders and other supporters.

The governing body is responsible for:

  • defining the mission of the organisation
  • the overall structure
  • day-to-day management

The governing body should:

  • create the mission statement and/or constitution of the organisation
  • put into place structures that allow that mission to be carried out through the organisation’s programmes and projects
  • act as the organisation's representatives in the community and beyond

The governing body might include, besides a chair, treasurer, secretary and voting members, representatives responsible for programme development, relationship building, fundraising, human resources and finances.

Your governing body may include members who act in a purely advisory capacity, but even they must be willing to attend meetings or be available for teleconferences.

Members of the Governing Body
Step Two: Deciding what kind of organisation to register


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