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What It Is

A learnership is a combination of on-the-job and classroom training. When you've finished your learnership, you'll be both skilled and certified in your field. Learnerships used to be called apprenticeships. If you do not have a Matric but want to do a skilled job, this could be the route for you.

You Might Like It If….

  • You need to earn while learning
  • You want to be an expert at a trade
  • You don't mind studying for some time to become an expert

How it Works

  • You sign an agreement with your current employer or your new employer to join a learnership.
  • Learnerships are usually organised by the Sector Education and Training Authorities.
  • You take classes to learn the technical skills that you need.
  • While you're doing your learnership you may earn less than a fully qualified worker. Your employer might pay for your classes, or you might get a bursary or loan from an NGO or other organisation.
  • When you graduate from the program, you'll be qualified at NQF Level 4.
  • You will be assessed by an educator to determine whether you will need to do ABET before begining your learnership.

How Long it Takes

  • About 1 to 4 four years, depending on the trade. If you have already been doing the job for some time, and are quite skilled, it might take less time.

Why to Do It

  • Find a job anywhere: When you complete the course you will have an NQF Level 4 certification. With this certificate you are qualified to work at your trade anywhere in the county.
  • Get more education: With an NQF Level 4 you may be able to continue on to Higher Education and Training.
  • Money: Depending on your trade, once you're qualified you can make as much as or even more than a university graduate.

Finding a Program

  • Learnerships are offered in a variety of areas including agriculture, banking, textiles, and marketing. You can find a listing of all the learnerships here.

For more on learnerships and to apply you should contact the local Department of Labour Centre.

Paying for It

  • Loans and grants: Some programs offer student loans or grants to help you pay the tuition. Ask the schools about financial aid programs.



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