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Here is a list of words that you may find helpful when reading about homeownership:

Amortization Schedule: the monthly schedule for paying your mortgage.

Closing Costs: the money you pay to complete your purchase. This includes money to the conveyancer, insurance fees, bank costs and transfer duties.

Down Payment: is also referred to as a deposit. This is a percent of the purchase price that changes depending on the agreement between the seller, buyer and the people who represent them. You usually offer a deposit to show that you are serious about buying the house. If you are not a first-time homeowner, your bank will expect that you put down a deposit and they will not grant you a 100% bond on the purchase price.

Equity: the difference between the value of your home and the amount you owe on it.

Foreclosure: the legal process when your house gets taken away because you do not pay the mortgage

Interest: the rate that the lender charges for borrowing money. This ends up being an extra percentage of your payment.

Lender: the person or financial institution (usually a bank, SACCO or mortgage banker) who gives you a loan

Market value: the current value of something, according to the economy

Mortgage/ Bond: the loan you take out to buy or refinance a house. You pay the loan back every month, plus interest.

Principal: the amount you have left to pay on your mortgage. It is the part of your monthly payment that does not include interest.

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