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Other bank services

Debit Cards: Your ATM card can usually also be used as a debit card. As long as you have money in your savings or cheque account, you can use your card to pay for things. It is easier to use a debit card because you do not have to carry cash, but you need to be careful not to spend too much. When you aren't seeing the money change hands, it's easy not to pay attention to how much you're spending.

Internet and Telephone/ Cellphone Banking: Most major banks offer Internet and Telephone/ Cellphone banking for a monthly fee. This is convenient because it allows you to manage your money and pay your bills from your home computer or telephone. You will be able to check your balance and monthly statement as well, which can help with budgeting.

Debt Consolidation: If you are in debt and need help, your bank may be willing to give you a consolidation loan. This means that you borrow money from the bank to pay all your smaller debts. This way you can manage your debt better because you only have one creditor. You should try to get a good interest rate on this loan so that it is lower than the interest you were paying on your previous debts.

Investment Advice: Bank employees are trained to give you professional financial advice, and can refer you to a good investment broker if needed.

Insurance Policies:
Some banks offer Life or Funeral insurance.


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