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How to Stay Safe Online

Protecting yourself on the internet is an important part of banking online. You may have heard stories about identity theft or people having their money stolen online. It is very rare, but don’t let it happen to you. Be smart about your money and use the tips below to help keep your information secure.

Keep passwords and PINs safe

  • Don’t give away personal information.
  • If you get an email asking for personal information, do not reply. Banks should never ask for your personal information, like your password or identity number, through email.

Use the bank's online security features:

  • Your bank may offer a keypad - it looks just like an ATM keypad - on the login page. Use your mouse to click on the numbers to enter your account number and PIN. This way hackers can't tell the numbers you are entering.
  • Your internet browser may offer to remember your password for you. Always click 'No' to this offer when you're on the online banking site. If your computer stores this password a hacker may be able to access it.
  • Choose a password that has a mix of letters and numbers in upper- and lower-case, and memorise it rather than writing it down.

Don’t answer suspicious emails
Sometimes it’s hard to tell the real emails from the fake ones. If you really want to stay safe, use these simple tips:

  • Don’t open emails from people you don’t know
  • Don’t reply to or click on links in emails that ask for your personal information
  • Don’t open attachments from people or businesses you don’t already know

Hackers, or people who try to steal your personal information, often trick people by writing fake emails that look real. They will have a link in that email that brings you to their fake site. You can avoid entering your personal information into a dangerous site by always typing in the web address yourself.

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