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Looking at Your Account Online

Managing your money is easy online. There are no messy files, missing bills, or stacks of cash. Everything stays in one place—on your computer screen.

Here are just a few things you can do when you bank online:

  • Check your balance at any time of day to see exactly how much money you have.
  • Transfer money between your accounts at the same bank.
  • Send money to someone else's account - easier and cheaper than a money transfer.
  • Pay bills on time and automatically.
  • Protect your personal information with private, online statements that only you see.

Know how much money you have
Online banking gives you immediate information. Know exactly how much you money you have without having to go to an ATM or wait for a statement in the post.

Protect your future
Keep track of the bills coming your way. You can add stop orders online, so you know your bills will be paid on time. You can also pay once-off bills on line.

Check your past
You can look at old statements in your online bank account, and look up details of bill payments going back a few months.

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