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Save It

There are many practical ways that you can use to save money on a daily basis.


"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."

Benjamin Franklin 


Learning practical steps to build your knowledge is an investment in your future.


Do you try to draw up a regular budget? Do you smoke cigarette or regularly purchase alcohol?  Do you take a taxi or drive when you can walk?


If you put away tiny amounts of money every day, they can really add up over time. The key to saving is starting small.


These are good reasons to budget and save:

  • To prepare for future expenses, such as school payments for you children;
  • To prepare for unexpected emergencies like hospital or medicine costs;
  • To plan for retirement or unexpected unemployment. Putting away extra money can help you when you retire and personal savings can add to Unemployment Insurance Fund payments for instance;
  • To be able to invest. You may not have enough money to invest now, but you can save enough for future investing. Short-term plans can turn into long-term success.


Save today for a brighter tomorrow.